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Falcon Heavy & Starman (01:53)

SpaceX · 1 week ago
When Falcon Heavy lifted off, it became the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. With the ability to lift into orbit nearly 64 metric tons (141000 lb)---a mass...

158,962,555,217,826,360,000 (Enigma Machine) - Numberphile (11:52)

Numberphile · 5 years ago
The Nazi's Enigma Machine - and the mathematics behind it - was a crucial part of World War II. Flaw video at: More links & stuff in full description...

Does Your School Matter? (03:27)

AsapSCIENCE · 2 years ago
Are elite schools actually the better choice? 9 Scientific Study Tips: SUBSCRIBE (it's free): This episode was inspired from the book "David...

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump (01:48)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) · 2 years ago
In a leap for robotic development, the MIT researchers who built a robotic cheetah have now trained it to see and jump over hurdles as it runs — making this the first four-legged robot to...

Imaging at a trillion frames per second | Ramesh Raskar (11:02)

TED · 5 years ago Ramesh Raskar presents femto-photography, a new type of imaging so fast it visualizes the world one trillion frames per second, so detailed it shows light itself in motion....

This Slime Could Be Good For Your Phone... (04:36)

Unbox Therapy · 2 months ago
dbrand Grip - The Grip case features a material called D3O which is capable of changing state under force. At rest it behaves like a liquid, when struck it stiffens...

Abu's Story (03:36)

Google · 10 months ago
When Abu was 15, he discovered the potential of machine learning. Now what he's building could help doctors and patients all over the world.

How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek (18:35)

TED · 7 years ago Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin...

Max Builds her FIRST PC – Photo Editing Build Log (09:09)

Linus Tech Tips · 6 days ago
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FULL DISPLAY made of RGB Fans!? - HyperVSN Wall (03:54)

Linus Tech Tips · 2 months ago
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Why Did Intel Even Make This? – Optane 800P SSD (09:23)

Linus Tech Tips · 1 week ago
We all know by now Optane is fast… But can Intel's latest SSD FINALLY bring Optane into the home? Or is it just half-baked and overpriced? Buy the Thermaltake P90 Tempered Glass Edition...

The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) - Smarter Every Day 189 (09:17)

SmarterEveryDay · 1 month ago
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