Dry Heaving in plane

Duration: 29 seconds
Published: January 31, 2008
Definition: SD
Views: 4.1 thousands
Channel: dominic swinfield
sick puke flying spu admission miami funnyguy aircraft funny pilot heaving comedy
Dry Heavy Admission in Ft Pierce airport
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Dry heaving (00:59)

John Krahn · 6 months ago
John krahn puking

Dry Heaving (03:48)

E.K. Stater · 6 months ago
From anxiety

Value City Furniture Dry Heave (00:31)

Carswizzy247 · 3 years ago
Almost cried watching this!

Erin's unexpected dry heave during a blow dry (01:14)

Michael W. Smith · 10 years ago
Unaware of the camera...Erin and her client have a slightly disturbing conversation about "What would you do for a million dollars"

Loud Monstrous dog dry heaves (00:28)

Brandon Brooks · 6 years ago
Rocco walked 2 blocks and that was way too much for him. He threw up his entire breakfast and then started doing this loud monstrous dry heave.

Dry Heaving Dad (00:34)

Colleen Orrico · 9 months ago
Forgot to clean fridge out before summer vacation and motor broke... yuck! Dad's punishment is cleaning it out. Dry heaving the whole time... hahahaha

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lollivamp · 5 years ago
***UPDATE*** turned out to be nothing more than normal "pug congestion", and she was fine after some cough medicine. My pug had a few random & short dry-heaving fits a over the past week, and I thought something was stuck in her throat. She woke me up this morning having a consistent dry-heaving / throwing up phlegm & swallowing it session and then stopped after a while. I did some research trying to narrow down what this is to see if going to the vet is the only option, but I'm not sure. It doesn't exactly sound like kennel cough (those sound like a goose honking), but then again I live in downtown and she meets dogs everyday on her walks.. I'm aware of all the possible pug-breed problems as well but I'm not sure it's that since she's very healthy and active. Anyway I filmed this so I could have record. If anyone's had something similar to this let me know what it was!

Dry heaving? (00:06)

Cloe Boucher · 2 years ago